Dr. Paul Monk on Overcoming Cancer

Originally published with transcript at https://www.nickfabbri.com/bloom/paulmonkoncancer


In this podcast, Nick and Paul discuss:

  • Paul's cancer journey and the odds of his survival

  • The development of immunotherapy and other revolutionary cancer treatments

  • Cancer research and the medical establishment

  • The examples and books of Jimmy Stynes, Lance Armstrong, and Christopher Hitchens

  • Reflections on mortality, death, and existential meaning and purpose

  • The impact of Paul’s cancer journey on his relationships

  • The 2016 International Cancer Conference in Brazil, and conversations with Dr. David Speakman, Chief Medical Officer of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

  • Reframing one’s priorities after living with cancer

Dr Paul Monk is a poet, polymath and highly regarded Australian public intellectual. He has written an extraordinary range of books, from Sonnets to a Promiscuous Beauty (which resides in former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s library), to reflective essays on the riches of Western civilization in The West in a Nutshell, to a prescient 2005 treatise on the rise of China in Thunder from the Silent Zone: Rethinking China

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